About Us

Who are we?

MBD Apps is startup dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the growing Model Based Development (MBD) sector. Our goal is to simplify the implementation of the MBD methods as well as to expand the possible applications of these methods to new areas. We have many years of experience on almost every aspect of the MBD V-Cycle, this includes Rapid Prototyping, Development, Auto-Code Generation and Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing.

What is MBD?

MBD is a software development methodology that is based on graphic modeling rather than the traditional text based programming. It provides an extra layer of abstraction and is very well suited for rapid development on the early stages of a project. Our products and services will help you introduce these methodologies to your product development cycle helping you reduce development costs and time to market.

What tools are used in MBD?

In order to implement the MBD approach you'll need some specialized tools. We utilize Mathworks® tools extensively in our services and also provide some custom tools as the EasyGUISim blockset and targets to facilitate implementation of MBD in areas where it hasn't been extensively used yet.